Long dwell packaging system

Long dwell packaging system Like other systems we produce, the so-called long dwell is a packaging system that, thanks to the hermetic sealing of the packaging, guarantees the perfect preservation of the product.

Long dwell system is practical

This machine has a more complex operation than the other machines. The main part of the long dwell packaging machine consists of a cut-seal “head.” This system speeds up item packaging, particularly with thicker films or materials that seal with some difficulty; this is because of its longer sealing time.

The operation of the long dwell system

The main characteristic of the long dwell packaging system consists of its prolonged sealing time. Differently from other cut and seal methods, the sealing knives are in contact during most of the rotation time and during the following traverse movement so that the sealing time increases remarkably. As a consequence, the seal is stronger and, in the following phase, the seal is cut by a separating knife.

This type of sealing group can be built and applied to several types of packaging machines. The flexibility of the unit allows us to create a bespoke device in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.

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