LMC: the company

lmc company: packaging and wrapping LMC has been working in the packaging and wrapping industry for 25 years. Our professionalism, recognized by the market and acquired by our experience in the sector, has allowed us to enter the commercial areas of the most important countries. Our diverse clientele is spread over 5 continents; this guarantees our professionalism and constructive ability that meet the qualitative parameters required everywhere.

The flexibility of our production and very qualified personnel accompany our customers’ ideas into the machine design so that the final result is a really bespoke product. 

LMC is a dynamic company that has specialized in designing and manufacturing packaging and wrapping machines. We have focused our production in manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging systems.

The reliability of our work continues with after sale service as we provide a constant assistance service that can help the final user in emergency or difficult situations.  

We can proudly state that our products have a high level of quality that is guaranteed by care and constant research for innovative materials made in Italy or Europe; in fact, we refuse to use cheap products from Far East.

We are..

  • L.M.C. s.r.l
  • Via Lago di Costanza,23/b
  • 36015 Schio (VI)
  • Tel. ++39 0445 500059
  • Fax ++39 0445 501514