Rotary table packaging machines

Optional machines related to packaging machines

Rotary table packaging machines Our packaging machines can be supported by optional devices that favor the machines’ correct functioning. One of these optional units is the rotary table that is an essential support for our machines.

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The system is comprised of a round table with dimensions that are in accordance with the packaging machine. Thanks to the rotation movement, the products can be moved during the packaging phase.

The operation and advantages of the rotary table

A table can be placed before the packaging machine to facilitate the positioning of the items before they are packed; the rotary table can be also placed at the end of the packaging line where the table rotates, collects, and piles the packaged products: this speeds up the process.

After the products are packaged and fed out of the machine, they are placed on the rotary table, where they pile up on the final part of the machine. Once the cycle is completed, the operator can collect the packaged products from the rotary round table and place them into the suitable containers.

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