Flow pack packaging

Flow packing is one of the most reliable and flexible packaging types. The machines that are equipped with this technology are the best for preserving food.

Why choosing flow pack packaging

This type of packaging guarantees the integrity of the product, particularly perishable items, such as food. The hermetic sealing, which insulates the product from external agents, guarantees the maximum adherence to the packaged item and maintains its qualitative characteristics. Flow pack machines stand apart from the other packaging methods because they are flexible and move quickly. They can easily wrap either flat objects or 3-D objects, emphasizing the actual shape of the product.

How flow pack packaging works

The flow pack method consists of wrapping the product with a film. The item is fed along a belt until a film wraps around it completely. After the product has been wrapped, the film is sealed off at both ends so that the packaging is airtight. The type of film used depends on the product and it can be transparent or preformed. This practical and innovative system has replaced the use of preformed bags and has sped up and improved the characteristic shape of the packaging.

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