Automatic feeding machines

Other optional machines

Beside our packaging machine production, we also provide customers with other optional equipment that allows for the correct operation of the machines. Besides the rotary round table, which moves and piles packaged items to make ready for collection, we produce machines equipped with automatic feeders of the packaging unit.

Operation of the automatic feeding machines

As we have previously specified, this type of equipment is used to help packaging machine operations. The automatic feeding device is placed before the machine’s production cycle. Its target is to feed the products to the packaging machines in ordered rows.

Loosen or amassed items are correctly placed on the conveyor belts so that, when they reach the packaging machine, the machine can work easily and properly.

Automatic feeding machines can be directly connected to the provenance production line where the product has been generated; that way, the production cycle can be completed with the final passage of the product to the packaging phase.

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