Packaging systems by LMC srl

Packaging systems by LMC srlOur production of packaging systems is structured in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The research of new materials of a guaranteed and certified origin as well as the innovative design make LMC a leading company in its sector and at the forefront in the market.

Our range of packaging machines is very varied and suitable to be adapted to the changes required by special items. By now, it has become essential to have very flexible working methods. This characteristic makes us the right solution for customers with specific requirements, which we can satisfy thanks to our simple and dynamic management.

The packaging systems developed by LMC are mainly divided into canning machines, forming machines, robotized systems and wrapping machines.

The two macro-categories of packaging systems are divided into wire packaging and cardboard packaging.In order to create a niche in the wild market favored by the cheapest competition of Far East, we have worked to make our products more and more qualified.

In fact, we research our materials in Italy and Europe, refusing to risk reliability because of cheap materials.

The high quality of our machines is the target we aim at when we design and realize our packaging systems.

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