Our packaging machines

Our packaging machines

Our pluriannual experience in designing and manufacturing packaging machines has allowed us to be recognized as a company that pays the utmost attention to quality.

We offer a range of machines suitable for the packaging of both food and non food products that are made with painstaking care by our skilled operators.

All the particular parts that make the machines are designed and made in the company. The experience has taught us that valorizing the professionalism of our personnel is a winning choice also acknowledged by our customers.

Our company structure’s versatility and dynamics makes it suitable to meet the most diverse customer requests. Satisfying our customers’ requirements stimulates us to constantly improve our operation methods, both because we have to face fiercer and discrediting competitors within our industry and because we want to improve old techniques to package items.

Within the packaging industry, the ultimate customers have been selecting their suppliers more and more carefully. This is why it is strategic for us to work to constantly increase our quality standards.

We are..

  • L.M.C. s.r.l
  • Via Lago di Costanza,23/b
  • 36015 Schio (VI)
  • Tel. ++39 0445 500059
  • Fax ++39 0445 501514